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We provide complex services in the field of design and engineering of photovoltaic power stations, which include the development of documentation, effective communication with relevant authorities, distribution and professional training of staff.

Thanks to Engineering for PV, you get not only technical details but also a reliable partnership and a professional approach to solar design and engineering.

Our services include:

  • Initial consultation with the participation of engineering experts from the Netherlands: together we discuss optimal solutions, focus on fire prevention measures and safety aspects so that the installation and operation of the solar panels take place as safely as possible.

  • Proactive communication with the Building Authority, labour inspection and firefighters: we ensure effective communication with the necessary authorities for the smooth running of the entire process from design to commissioning.

  • Processing of Implementation Project Documentation: taking into account the requirements of the investor and the conditions of foreign insurance companies, we create comprehensive documentation with a great emphasis on quality and safety.

  • Project documentation for a new arresting system and panel spot shading: we carefully plan new solar systems and optimise performance using spot shading, including thorough revisions.

  • Documentation for dispatching: we compile complex documentation for easy and efficient dispatching of solar systems for their optimised performance and management.

  • Documentation of the as-built drawings: we carefully document every step in the implementation process so that you have a complete overview of the execution of the construction.

  • Registration with the energy authority and approval of distribution documentation: we take care of all the formalities related to registration and approval so you can distribute solar energy efficiently and without complications.

  • Complete engineering as part of negotiations with the building, energy and other authorities: our comprehensive services in the field of engineering include negotiations with the relevant state authorities for the most trouble-free course of the whole process.

  • Participation in the first parallel connection + staff training: we will assist you during the pilot parallel connection and offer your workers training so that you can fully concentrate on the performance of your new solar energy.

Join forces with us and start using solar radiation to efficiently generate energy for your home, shop, business or factory. We will show you how we can bring your solar project to a successful implementation with our joint efforts and know-how.

Contact us to build together an environment in your company where efficiency and innovation go hand in hand and take your business to the next level. 

  • Inspection of the building with evaluation of the roofing condition with regard to planned maintenance and service life. If necessary, we will insert probes into the roofing construction to specify the anchoring elements.

  • Following the initial assessment of the condition of the roofing, we will develop guidelines on material handling, including the movement of staff members during implementation, servicing and maintenance.

  • Preparation of a Safe Installation Conditions Inventory based on the materials as defined in the Implementation Project Documentation.

  • Preparation of a List of Permissible Mounting Tool Usage to meet the warranty conditions of the components as defined in the Implementation Project Documentation.

  • Prior to the beginning of assembly works, we will train all staff members in the relevant tasks and procedures based on the relevant documents, guidelines and in cooperation with Dutch Engineering.

  • Preparation of a schedule of works and detailed hierarchy of relationships for the subsequent control of the execution of the construction and the responsibility of the workers to each profession.

  • Test mode and system start-up based on the as-built drawings. The progress evaluation report will be an integral part of the documentation when the PV station is handed over to the investor's insurance company.

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