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It was our pleasure to work with a client who appreciates high-quality materials and construction procedures in the reconstruction of the house, even though it was intended to be rented out, i.e. not for his own living. The refurbishment affected many load-bearing and non-load-bearing structures. The floors are newly reinforced with concrete, the load-bearing masonry was under-reinforced, the roof structure was precisely treated, and replaced with new wooden elements and structures. Thanks to the new insulation of the perimeter shell, high-quality triple glazing from the SULKO company, sprayed thermal PUR insulation in the entire attic space and many other repairs, improvements or replacements of various parts, we managed to meet the criteria of the NZÚ fund. The house thus now corresponds to the parameters and category of a low-energy building.

Thanks to the prime taste of the owners, the interior elements were also elegantly chosen and perfectly colour-coordinated. Every detail was thought of, while the main requirement was the comfortable operation of the house for the new tenants with maximum maintenance-free operation. The whole house has a clean impression, the soft colours do not interfere with the large garden and the building, on the contrary, fits perfectly into the urban development near the city centre.


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