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We actively participate in the implementation of the construction and supervise the execution of construction works in accordance with the project documentation and in compliance with the prescribed procedures.

The investor's technical supervision is a service that actively monitors the correct implementation of each phase of construction. We provide you with a thorough inspection of the actual construction work, as well as a broader vision of how to reach optimal quality and efficiency in alignment with the project documentation.

Our services include:

  • Cooperation and advice on the selection of the construction contractor: we will be your partners in selecting a contractor and provide expert advice and assistance throughout the process.

  • Handover of the site to the selected construction contractor: we will ensure a smooth transition to the implementation phase, so you can be confident that your project stays in the right hands.

  • Managing and coordinating construction inspection: supervision, management and coordination of the construction inspection for detailed monitoring of the progress of the project.

  • Monitoring the compliance of the works with the project documentation: we check every detail of the works carried out and ensure that each step is in line with the project.

  • Monitoring structures and parts of the work before covering: our supervision team provides a thorough inspection of each phase of the structure before it is covered.

  • Control of test execution and record of changes: we make sure that continuous control of the tests is performed and also keep a careful record of all changes so that you have a detailed overview of what is happening.

  • Photo documentation: we record every important moment of your construction for later monitoring and documentation.

  • Inspection of the removal of defects and deficiencies: we actively supervise the process of defects and deficiencies correction so that we can guarantee the highest quality for your building.

  • Control and completion of construction documents: we carefully check and archive each document related to the construction to make sure that you have all relevant documents in order.

  • Participation in the approval procedure and cooperation after completion: our know-how and support are at your disposal during the approval procedure and after completion, e.g. when dealing with complaints.

Our team will provide you with expert supervision throughout the entire implementation phase and lend its know-how for maximum project success.

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